Comic: Why My Culture isn’t Your Prom Dress

dress appropriationMy culture isn’t your prom dress. I know I’m a little late to this debate but I just wanted to illustrate how I feel about this matter. When I was little, my mom got me a beautiful qípáo two piece set that I was too afraid to wear to school. Why? Because I didn’t want the other kids, who already thought I ate “weird” food and wore “unfashionable” clothing to make fun of me more. I think the whole prom dress fiasco reveals a deeper systemic problem that white people act as “gatekeepers” of ethnic culture. You all thought my food and clothes were gross but now hipsters call it “vintage” and it’s suddenly mainstream? That isn’t appreciation, it’s appropriation.

I’m starting a Asian-American focused comic series. I think some things are simply easier to convey in pictures. I’m still brushing up on my skills, so let’s see where this goes! 🙂

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