What I got from the SF Glossier Pop-Up Shop

As I waited in line against the bright gradient pink wall, I couldn’t help but hear the same question echo from each side of me– “So, what’s so great about this brand?” People had flocked from all over the Bay Area to visit the Glossier pop-up in San Francisco, many dragging their girlfriends and significant others who didn’t know what the brand is all about.

Glossier has been dubbed “the millennial’s Estee Lauder” with a cult following. They market their brand as skincare and beauty geared towards everyday life and staples for your routine. Meaning, they put a lot more emphasis on products that accentuate everyday features instead of full glam beauty looks.

The pop-up was definitely a visual feast for the eyes and every blogger’s dream come true.  The small space was a pastel pink makeup boutique combined with a brunch diner. Kind of ingenious actually. It was like they took everything millennials loved and built a place where all their IG feed dreams could come to fruition.

Buying items was also as if you were buying food, as you would place your order with an associate walking around the showroom and pick them up at a diner counter. Even the bags were adorned with your name and the products were safely packed away in their signature pink bubble wrap zip up baggies accompanied with samples and stickers.

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Cloud paints, lip glosses, and stretch concealers.

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The check-out counter.

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Boy Brow, Wowder, Haloscopes, and Skin tints.


Two items that I was really excited about is Lidstar and Cloud Paint. Lidstar is their newest liquid “glow” (eyeshadow) that comes in a few cosmic colors. Cloud Paint are buildable liquid blushes that blend out like a dream. Here are some swatches below. I must warn you that the Lidstar is NOT as pigmented as pictured. When you blend it out with your finger as directed, the color dissolves quickly. It’s good for a very subtle sparkle but nothing too fancy which is probably why they call it a glow rather than a shadow. Cloud Paint on the other hand is very buildable, and you should be careful to only apply a tiny drop on your cheeks.

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From top to bottom: Lily (Lidstar), Cub (Lidstar), Puff (Cloud Paint, and Haze (Cloud Paint).

To read more about my experiences with Glossier products, check out this article on lovelierie.

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