Winter Nights in the City Lookbook

Winter is an interesting time. On one hand, it’s filled with Christmas joy, good tidings, goodwill, peace-ish (not really in 2017), and hot chocolate. On the other hand, it’s filled with dry skin, sore throats, crippling seasonal affective disorder, and constant reminders of how broke you are. It’s not my favorite season, but it has it’s moments.

Let’s be real, I’m actually wearing the same plaid shirt and ripped jeans during my day-to-day but, I love dressing up when I go out! Sometimes people may feel a bit stumped about how to dress in the winter since it’s cold– but who says layers and accessories aren’t fashionable? Luckily, I live in California where the weather is constant and I never really need to break out the heavy artillery.

Here are two going out winter looks I’d like to share!

1. Satin for Souvenirs


look1 2

look1 3


Padded souvenir bomber jackets tend to be on the thick side which makes them great for fall and winter. Slip dresses, and other clothing modeled after lingerie have made a serious comeback in recent years which gives off a delicate, alluring, and stylish vibe! Also, I love thigh high boots– I’ve pretty much banned knee high boots from my closet because I have muscular quads which look awful when shoes cut off before my knees.

2. Unbearably Plush

look2 1

look2 2

lookbook2 3


If you’re thinking about a faux fur coat for the winter, just do it. They are so warm, gorgeous, and elegant. They transform any outfit into instant “rich bitch”. Also, I decided to wear a jumpsuit for date night. Whoever said you can only wear jumpsuits in the summer is a dirty liar, they’re pretty great for any season. I had flared sleeves and legs but I’d actually recommend a cropped or tight trouser leg style instead. Without the luxurious coat, the jumpsuit was a little too shapeless for my taste but the tie waist helped a bit!

With all that said, I want to say that not everyone is as fortunate this festive season. While most of us are worried about affording gifts, some people can’t afford clothes to stay warm or food to eat.

Here are some great resources to check out to help people in your community.

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