Outside Lands: Wine and Dine Between the Music

Between, during, pre, post– the food at Outside Lands was delectable at anytime. Not only were our ears fed, but the festival catered to our hungry stomachs and selective tongues. Dozens of restaurants gathered together at the event to bless us with a “taste of the bay area.” The menus ranged from soulful delights such as mouth-watering fried chicken and buttery waffles from Farmer Brown’s Little Skillet, to cheeseburgers hugged between fluffy sweet doughnut buns from Straw.

Inside of Outside Lands, there were more delicious territories to be explored: Beer Lands, Wine Lands, Choco Lands, Cheese Lands and food truck… lands.

Here are a few photos of the food we sampled:


(Pictured: Waffles Fries with Crazy Toppings, Up & Under Pub and Grill)

I was born with the greasy predisposition to all shapes of potatoes descended into deep fryers. There was a smorgasbord of fries and tots.

(Ramen Burger, Nombe)


(Pork Belly Burger with Fries, Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers)


(Wine from the Lands)

choco choco2

(Liquid Chocolate Bar, Guittard Chocolate Factory)


(Smores Cupcake, Kara’s Cupcakes)


(Funnel Cake, Endless Summer Sweets)

Ciao for now,

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