Black Opium: Sensitive Scent?

Black Opium

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fragrance. Especially a fruity feminine one that smells playful but a little seductive too. Even those who don’t consistently wear perfume or body spray may have a signature scent they are loyal to.

I noticed that Yves Saint Laurent has a new perfume called, “Black Opium.” The bottle looks beautiful and the name screams edgy and addicting. But does anyone else find this name a little… inappropriate? 

Opium may not be present in society as it was back then, but it was a recreational drug that poisoned a country.

It caused two wars in China, once in 1839 and again in 1856.  The British forced opium trade onto the Chinese. They caused wars, renewed hostilities to gain power in their unfair trade practices. They fed an addiction to feed their own wealth.

Does that sound familiar? A group of people in power manipulating and taking advantage of another group of people?

I find Black Opium not completely PC. What if there was a new line of perfume which included Gold Meth or Platinum Cocaine?

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