Milk: Tattoo Stamp Review


Milk Makeup is an up-and-coming contemporary beauty brand that hit the shelves sometime early this year or last year. If you take a gander at their Instagram or website, it’s easy to see that they have a modern, artistic yet functional feel. Most of their products come neatly sealed in a plastic tube with their brand name in a sleek white or shiny silver holographic font. They really try to exude an effortless feel with products such as Spray Nail and Cooling Water Stick.

Their makeup displays at Urban Outfitters or Sephora say something along the lines of, “Milk girls get ready faster.”

To which my boyfriend asked, “If I buy this for you, will you get ready faster?”

“No. Good luck with that,” I replied.
Anyways, I’m here today to review their Tattoo Stamp. When I first saw the product at Urban Outfitters, I gushed. It reminded me of the stamps I played with as a kid, and of the oh-so-beautiful Marina from her album cover for Electra Hearts.

Marina of Marina and the Diamonds

So how did it fair?
7/10- I really like it, but I don’t love it!
  • Definitely a really cute playful idea
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Instant and easy to wash off


  • It was easy to apply on the body, not so much on your face. Especially if you’re trying to place it near your eye, the way your hand is angled makes it hard to achieve a perfect shape since it’s a long pen
  • This is a pro and con, but it came off fairly easily– easy to smudge

Here is how it came out on my face:


As you can see, it got a little smudged since our faces are not flat surfaces! But I am eager to try again, and place it a little lower like Marina, instead of a gangster tear drop. Oops.

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