Don’t Mesh with My Heart


What we wear can say a lot about us. In literature, clothes can make or break the portrayal of a character and color schemes constantly become symbols or motifs. Would Danny Zuko and the rest of the T-Birds be as threatening and cool without their leather jackets? Would Will still be as fresh without his bright 90s printed garb but instead threw on a sweater vest like Carlton? The answer is obvious. After all, we have an entire holiday dedicated to the purpose of dressing up and taking on another identity.

My sense of fashion for the most part has never been static. One day I could be something out of the Harajuku district and another day I’ll be a character out of a modern day prep academy comedy. I think one of the best things about clothing is we decide what we wear and how we want to express ourselves. This is very important nowadays, especially since we live in a time where commercialism and corporations try to sell us identity in 2 for 1 deals during flashes of 30 seconds.

If I had to describe my sense of fashion– I’d have to say some sort of melting pot of street-grunge-kawaii-collegiate-beach-california vibes? I guess that didn’t clarify anything at all. As I mentioned in my previous post, I love love love Valfre. Ilse Valfre, designed a line of clothes based off her drawings and it’s amazing. In her interview with Nylon, she explains that these girls are all her inspired by different points and times in her life. This completely resonates with me, as I also find that at times we have different identities which can be heavily inspired by our environment and feelings during a time.

This photo shoot features my fabulous blogger friend, MissMissChelle, whom fashion taste vastly contrasts mine. She’s more boho-girly-chic, and as we see, we express ourselves and our identities differently using the same medium. Isn’t fashion awesome?


This dress, the Matilda dress, takes LBD to a whole new lolita lovel. I have a fierce love for bows, I don’t care how old I am! Mesh is so hot right now. All the lovely fashion bloggers I’ve seen wearing this dress are simply wearing a lacy black bra underneath which is a bit too daring and sexy for my everyday outing needs, so I threw on this bralette.


MissMissChelle wears brighter, crisp, boho colors!



A Soft Mesh Lullaby

Dress- Matilda Dress from Valfre
Bralette- Brandy Melville
Shoes- DSW

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