Diving Into A Pool of Sprinkles at the LA Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream may ironically be the hottest spot in Los Angeles at the moment. I was lucky enough to get my hands on two pairs of tickets, so here’s the inside SCOOP!

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So many sprinkles!!!

First of all, yes, it is ticket admission only and the tickets are sold out. It’s a pop-up art exhibit that is open until October 2017, so if you don’t have tickets until then you might not be able to go unless they decide to extend their stay. When tickets came out, I was placed in an online waiting queue like purchasing tickets to Coachella or trying to check out on Kylie Cosmetics when it first opened. I was almost sure tickets were sold out, but miraculously I secured two.

I actually like the ticketing system because it creates an efficient and organized visit to the museum. They only let in about 14 people per a time slot, so it’s never too crowded to take a picture and you don’t have to stand impatiently to look at something behind someone else.

When I first walked into the alley where the museum entrance was located, I was delighted to see all the walls were millennial pink!

Upon entry, you are greeted by a cheerful staff member and free chocolate. The museum itself is not too large, I spent about an hour there in total. It’s one-way, so you walk continually through the rooms until you reach the exit. Meaning, if you want a pic, you better take it before moving onto the next room!

The rooms were as following when I visited in July:

  • Telephone Room- RING RING! Pick up the phone and listen to what’s in store.
  • The Los Angeles Room- Prepare to be greeted by frozen creamy versions of famous Los Angeles landmarks.


  • Banana Split- Go bananas over this duality fruit affair. The room is bursting with hanging bananas, equipped with a swing.


  • Mint Farm- If you love mint chocolate chip, you might faint from joy. Possibly a poke at marijuana farms, this room is full of mint plants with cocoa soil.
  • Sorbet- This lemonade palette room contains an ice cream claw machine. If you’re lucky enough you can walk away with a free prize. One free play per-person.
  • Popsicle Jungle- The popsicle apocalypse struck. Be careful not to get crushed.


  • Gummy Bear Mania- Chill with giant gummy bears.

Look away as I feast on your friends, dear.

  • The Fall of Charcoal- Modern art meets trendy beauty methods.

A murder mystery? There’s a hot debate about the charcoal ice cream flavor. Personally, I didn’t like it for the texture and not the taste.

  • Pool of Sprinkles- The room everyone’s been waiting for… Dive into a 4 ft. pool of SPRINKLES! I warn you though, you will probably leak sprinkles for a day. They seep into every crevice in your clothing and body and stick to your skin. Highly don’t recommend eating them though unless you love sprinkles that have been filled with sweaty people such as myself.

It was deeper than I thought!

  • Finale- Every ride leads to the gift shop…!

All in all, the Museum of Ice Cream was a lot of fun! Almost every room is accompanied with a tasty treat, with a seasonal flavor that changes every week I believe. My favorite was the strawberry pancake ice cream sandwich at the gift shop room.

Tickets are $29 for adults and it’s in the Arts District where there are a lot of cool places to see and eat! As I mentioned earlier, tickets are currently sold out. But since it’s a pop-up they might be coming to a city near you! You can sign up for updates on their website.

Outfit Details:

Dress- Valfre



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