All That n Dim Sum: Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao (小笼包) is one of my most favorite dishes when I go out for dim sum (or when I go 饮茶 ). A delicacy from Shanghai, xiao long bao, often abbreviated as XLB,  is a delicious soup dumpling. I guess a dumpling filled with soup would be a more accurate description as they come in a steaming bamboo basket. It takes some tactic to devour a XLB without spilling the hot savory soup, so make sure you keep your spoon close and chopstick grip gentle. The perfect dipping sauce is a harmony of black vinegar, soy sauce, and fresh ginger.


Here are some great spots to get xiao long bao in the Bay Area!

Hong Kong Lounge

Hong Kong Lounge is my favorite dim sum place in the city! You’ll be sure to love the xiao long bao, as long with everything else.

Dragon Beaux

You can find fancier, all-the-frills XLB here. In a variety of flavors, these XLB come in an array of rainbow colors perfect for the ‘gram. Admittedly, they are rich in flavor but also higher in price.

Din Tai Fung 

Din Tai Fung is a world-famous Michelin star restaurant with branches found all over the world. I highly recommend a visit here! There is one found in the Bay Area in Valley Fair in San Jose. It gets really busy so arrive early.

Dumpling Time

New and hot, Dumpling Time is a modern twist on XLB. You can find delicious classic XLB here, as well as XLB so big you need a straw to drink it! It was a fun foodie experience, but kind of hard to eat!


The soup was really really hot!

What is your favorite dish when you go to 饮茶?

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