Are Online Stores like O-Mighty and Glitters for Dinner Legit?

Shamelessly, I am another wannabe fashion blogger who stays up to date with what all the latest Instagram fashion idols are wearing. More often than not, most of their outfits are only available online. Infamous for their silk kitten bralette and skirt combo, O-mighty (also known as O’mighty/Omweekend) has swept feeds in tight satin two pieces and 90s style halters with uncensored tag lines. O’mighty is based in Singapore with only US/UK retailers carrying their line such as Dolls Kill or Goodbye Bread. However, O-mighty has quite the celebrity profile as their brand has been seen on everyone from Ariana to Miley to even Beyonce.

Quite different from the aesthetic and comfort of a traditional online retailer, shopping on O-mighty feels like you’re shopping on a MySpace/Xanga page and you’re not sure if you’re ever going to actually receive the items. Many of O-mighty’s crop tops and halters have pop culture references we know and love. I’m not 100% sure on this but I think copyright laws may be different in Singapore which allows them to do so. You receive an order confirmation but not any sort of tracking. When you go to the checkout page, it also notes that you may be required to be some sort of import fee when the package arrives. I’m not sure what that’s all about but I don’t think it applies to the US?


Ariana Grande in O-mighty

Is O’mighty Legit?


My package arrived as promised! The site says it could take several weeks, but it mine came fairly quickly. However, you have to sign for it.

Customer Service?

Don’t hold your breath. I think I’ve gotten lucky with very seamless transactions. One time their site was broken and didn’t give me an option to type in a coupon code. I emailed to ask about it and they waited until the coupon code was expired and said that it didn’t work because it was expired…

Was it worth it?

Yes and no. 

Everything is really cute but VERY VERY MICROSCOPICALLY tiny. They have no size guide, but it’s definitely Asia sizing. I can’t even fit the silk kitten combo that everyone wears online. I wear a small (32 band) in bralettes for US retailers but had to buy a large from O-mighty. I didn’t even fit that right, I thought my girls were going to escape all night. I guess the score would be Me: 1, Bralette: 0 because I avoided a nip slip but the bralette actually broke afterwards. After one wear. I was super disappointed. On Instagram, everyone’s chests look amazing in the silk kitten line but they are definitely meant to push up smaller cups. The halters/crop top on the other hand, are a nice stretchy cotton! I do not recommend the bottoms for anyone except the track pants. The skirts are not for anyone with a curvy bottom.


Me in the “Fucking Savage” O-mighty halter.

Another cute, punk girl-lolita-90s pop culture haven store is Glitters for Dinner (also known as GFD). Based in Thailand, GFD also provides quirky outfits with adorable patterns. GFD’s clothing is again catered toward smaller petite asian sizing, but also provides additional sizing (L-XL). They also have coupon codes fairly often.

Is Glitters for Dinner Legit?


Customer Service?

Mixed feels. I can see how if your package got lost or anything you would never get that money back. I once emailed them to ask about sizing and they ignored me but answered when I asked about the status of my package.

Was it worth it?

You know, if you were absolutely in love with the outfit/style I would say Yes.

Let me warn you now, this shipping took well over 2 months. There are two options, one is rush where it supposedly arrives in two weeks and the other is FREE but no tracking. The website says to check in after 6 weeks if your order hasn’t arrived. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually responded and said it should arrive soon– it took another two weeks. At that point, I didn’t have any hope. I bought the item which was already on clearance with another discount so I had accepted my losses. But it did come after all, and it was very cute! I got a pinafore dress in small– a medium would have fit me better but the small wasn’t something I couldn’t squeeze into.


Me in the Macaroon Pinafore Dress from Glitters for Dinner


Is there any other online stores you’ve been wondering about? Want to hear more of my experiences? Feel free to leave a comment!

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