Is Lime Crime Unicorn Hair as Magical as They Say? Dark Hair Review

The hottest hair trend this year is definitely unicorn hair. Vibrant, bright, pastel colors that look absolutely enchanted. After all, who doesn’t want to be a magical mythical creature? The most popular shades are the brighter pastel tones such as bubble gum pink and cotton candy blue. However, the downside to unicorn hair is that you have to have really light bleached hair to achieve the look.

The Lime Crime Unicorn Hair dye caught my eye when I saw an article about “how even brunettes can go bright without bleach.” To be honest it sounded too good to be true but I thought I would give it a try!


My red hair with ombre

A disclaimer I’d like to put out there is that someone with jet black hair may not have the same experience as me. I’ve had different shades of red for almost all of my adult years. However, I haven’t done my hair in a few months so my roots were starting to show. The ends of my hair however ARE bleached because I went ombre last year.

Here are the two Lime Crime colors I bought:


Lime Crime Sext

unicorn hair dye sample sext dusty rose vegan cruelty free makeup cosmetics

Lime Crime Bunny

unicorn hair dye sample bunny baby pastel pink vegan cruelty free makeup cosmetics

I was dazzled and delighted when I opened the package. Even the box and packing tissue screamed beautiful unicorn vibes. Sext is described as a dusty mauve while bunny is a bright pink. Something I thought about when receiving the dyes is that this isn’t for beginners who haven’t dyed their hair before. Usually kits come with gloves and very detailed instructions, but the instructions were pretty hidden under the label of the lid. It says you need your own plastic gloves and brush to apply the color.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Something that somewhat worried me is that when applying the color, none of it stained my hands and wiped off very easily. Usually that’s a good thing when cleaning but in the case of hair dye that means it isn’t very pigmented. My usual red hair dye looks like a murder scene if I don’t wipe it off right away.

The bottle says to leave the dye on for 1-2 hours, and for more pastel shades to leave the dye on for 30 minutes-1 hour.


My hair before the dye. As you can see my hair is red but since I haven’t done my hair in a while it looks auburn with roots showing.

I let sext sit on my hair for 1 hour and then applied bunny to the ends of my hair for 1 hour. In total, sext was in for 2 and bunny was in for 1.

I was bubbling in anticipation to see how my hair would turn out! After I washed my hair and let it dry, I was surprised to see my hair was just kind of a light auburn red. Bunny hadn’t showed up on my bleached ends at all. It sorta looked like I didn’t do anything to my hair at all.

The next day I applied bunny to the lower part of my hair for another hour in the hopes some sort of pink tint would be left. To my delight, some pink was showing!! To my dismay, it was more of a neon pink than a pastel unicorn pink.


My bleached roots.


My bleached roots with Bunny.

My verdict? Not for non-bleached hair at all!! The bottle says that for non-bleached hair it’ll appear as more of a tint, but I honestly could have achieved more effective results from my usual drugstore L’Oreal hair dye. It’s been a few washes since and a lot of the top color has washed off.


My hair with Sext and Bunny right after. 

So darker hair beauties, don’t spend your money on this with expectations of super bright pigmented hair.


In direct sunlight from the window sill. To be honest, my hair was more pigmented above with ombre. Not too impressed! As I mentioned, a lot washed out quickly.

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