Comfort Without the Bounce | How to Find the Right Sports Bra


Your body is a castle. Actually, after you’ve been working out, it feels more like an exquisite mansion with marbled trimming, red satin curtains, an interior pool, and a menagerie of exotic animals. So naturally it would make sense to treat your body right. Sports bras are essential for an active woman. After all, no one wants their assets swinging around like bouncy balls and we certainly don’t want the girls suffocating under a corset-like grip. You should pick a sports bra according to the physical activity you’re engaging in, with your cup size in mind.

Low-impact sports include walking, weight training, yoga, and cardio machines such as ellipticals and stair climbers. High-impact sports constitute more exertion of the body, such as running, gymnastics, and games like basketball or football. Low-impact sports don’t require as much support so you can settle for simpler designs such as cami straps while maximum support bras are required for more rigorous activities.

Compression Bras


(Photo Source: Nike, Nike Pro Hypercool Compression Aerial, $50).

Compression bras are ideal for sizes A-B. They minimize breast movement by holding down the girls in place.

Encapsulated Bras


(Photo Source: Champion, Champion All-Out Support II Full Figure Wirefree Sports Bra, $29.99).

Encapsulated bras are built with cups, so they are more supportive with a traditional bra shape. They are the bras we wear every day. Women with breasts D and larger should consider encapsulated bras.

Combination Bras


(Photo Source: Victoria’s Secret, The Standout Sports Bra, $49.50 – $56.50).

Last but not least are combination bras, that fuse together compression and encapsulated bras for shape, support, and comfort. They are ideal for cups C & D.

How Do I Even Choose?

The market for sports bras is becoming more and more competitive, presenting a variety of new modern and intricate styles such as front zip closures or decorative criss-cross straps.

With this new assortment of styles, it’s becoming easier to find bras catered to your needs as well as your fashion taste. But remember, that comfort is your best friend and should always come first. Make sure your bra isn’t digging into your shoulders and that you can still inhale and exhale with ease when the hook is clasped on the second or last hook.

Skip window shopping when it comes to sports bras! Always try them on before buying because looks can be deceiving and you’ll want to make the most of your investment.

The lifespan of a good sports bra is six months to a year. Sadly, I know what it’s like to have that favorite go-to bra that you can’t bear to part with. But the more you love and use a sports bra, the band starts to stretch out and it loses its effectiveness and support. The circle of life moves us all, and clothing is no exception.

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